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"Coach Whithaus has been integral in my development from junior to college golf, from college to high-level amateur golf, and now into professional golf. He has a gift when it comes to helping people raise the level of their game and reach their full potential.


Coach Whithaus is an expert in every aspect of the short game and truly is a mental guru.  He has taught me how to relax and focus on the course which was most evident last year during the Final Stage of European Tour Qualifying School. 

Coach Whithaus is a mentor and someone I look up to. He continues to help me mature and grow into the kind and life-giving person that he is. I thank God every day for bringing him into my life."

European Tour Member (Career Professional Wins: 1), Former Duke University Player, All-American, Byron Nelson Award Winner, All-ACC,



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"When I went to Coach Whithaus's camp, I was looking for a fun way to improve my game. I learned so much at camp.


All of the coaches explained things in a way that kept me from being confused. By the end of the camp, I clearly knew what I needed to work on. After camp, I worked hard on the things that I learned at camp, and I was amazed how much better I became over the next month. I can't wait to go back to Coach Whithaus's camp next year!"



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"What makes Jon a truly unique teacher is his combination of knowledge, experience, and wit.  His knowledge about the scoring and mental games has completely changed the way I see golf and the way I practice.  His experience in working with so many different players gives him an ability to tailor a training program to anyone’s needs.  And, due to his wit and good nature, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my sessions with Jon.  I don’t think there’s anything better in the game of golf than taking pleasure in the improvement process."

 Professional Golfer (Career Professional Wins: 1), Former Duke University Player, All-ACC 



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"After spending eight straight summers working over 25 golf camps, I can confidently say Jon Whithaus is amongst the best camp directors in the country. His combination of golf knowledge, business acumen and commitment to providing personal attention to every camper is the best I have ever seen.


As someone who has been coached by and worked with Jon, I can assure you Jon knows how to get a student from good to great! Jon is one of the best I have ever seen at communicating and teaching the mental and physical aspects of scoring around the green. I would highly recommend working with Jon to anyone who is serious about playing at an elite level. After attending one of Jon's camps, you will know exactly what I mean!"

Former Player Manager, IMG and Former Head Men's Golf Coach at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte